Lifestyle Marketing Photography
  • Shoot Type

    Lifestyle marketing photography showing the mug ranges in real life situations. And management team portraits.

  • Client

    McLaggan Smith Mugs is a family business operating in Jamestown, a couple of miles from the beautiful shores of Loch Lomond in the West of Scotland.

  • Client goals

    To use aspirational images to consolidate and strengthen the position McLaggan Smith occupies at the top end of the mug market. Imagery to help potential clients visualise the products in use alongside the detailed product photos.

  • Client needs

    To produce a wide range of images in various styles and themes that compliment the designs on the mugs and to be used across a range of print & digital media.

What the client said:

“We’re delighted with all the work Ashley has done for us on many shoots over several years. He has a great eye and has worked really effectively alongside our graphic designer to produce some fantastic shots which we’ve been able to use regularly across many media platforms”

Examples of the work