My specialisation has always been photographing people. Earlier in my career for national newspapers, magazines and public relations companies and the Marketing Photography commissions I shoot now are a natural extension of this. The imagery I create for my marketing clients shows their businesses, products and people in action in the real world. In turn, this enables their customers to envisage their products or services being used in their own lives.

Here are some examples of Marketing Photography projects I’ve worked on recently. Most of the work is from multiple shoots for the client, building up a portfolio of images that can be used across all of their marketing channels or for advertising.

Clyde Coast and Garnock Valley Crematorium.

Clyde Crematorium

Marketing photography through the first year of a new business in Ayrshire

A D Rattray bottling

AD Rattray whisky

Photography for a new website – whisky and gin tastings, the shop and staff portraits

Nick Nairn preparing a Christmas Sponge Pudding

Nick Nairn

Photography from various publicity and marketing shoots for Nick

McLaggan lifestyle marketing

McLaggan Smith Mugs

Family business requiring photos for brochures, website and display materials

Candlelit outdoor bath

Dreamcatcher Cabins

A series of photo shoots to create a catalogue of images for marketing the cabins